The Two Pink Lines page was created as an outlet for me to vent and share various aspects of my life. My husband and I both struggle with infertility issues, and both of us are waiting for our day to come. Until then we live life, cook food and love God. I hope some of the information I share and provide is helpful for you, or at least gives you a little light and laughter for a day. Mostly though, I want to answer questions about life that I can never seem to find on the internet when I need it. 

The title signifies a pregnancy test. Over and over again I have seen just the one pink line. So I write, and vent, and cry, and laugh my way through life as I wait for that other pink line to one day appear on that dreaded and loved test stick. 

A little about Holli


I am a young enthusiastic woman, that has just started out on this journey called life……. WHAT is this? An interview? Simply put This Blog is a highlight of my thoughts, personal research and experiences, as I live from day to day as a child of God, a Wife, a Labor Nurse and one day (hopefully) as as Mom.

I am the First of two children to my wonderful parents. I spent most of my childhood growing up in about four places; the church, the fire-station, a home, and outdoors. Each of these locations impacted my life and shaped who I am today. I am currently a Nurse on a Labor and Delivery Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a local hospital, a Dog mom of 3 Dogs and I have been married for 9 years (at the time this is written). I enjoy traveling with my husband across the United States, Scrap-booking, Hiking, Singing and listening to audio books. 

Please Enjoy my blog, and I am always open for suggestions on post topics. 



  1. I do not ever claim to have spelled a word correctly. I use auto-correct as often as I use a spoon for soup.
  2. Any medical topic I write about is simply opinion unless otherwise sited with a proven resource and it is not intended to replace the advice of your Medical professionals and Doctors. Please don’t ask me to look at a “growth” on your foot, or what to do about it.
  3. I have no intent to plagiarize anything. That does not mean that I won’t share a recipe I found online. I will do my best to provide a link to where I found it to give them due credit.
  4. Names of people and some places have been changed to protect their identity. Situations are often hypothetical, or changed slightly and any likeness to your life or situation are merely a coincidence. If they step on your toes a bit, its okay, its not aimed at you, mostly because I don’t know you.
  5. If I make you angry, or you don’t like my opinion, or our hair color, that is your right, it is also your right not to read this blog. Vulgar language, mean comments, or disturbing images will be removed.

THANK-YOU for reading all 5 disclaimers!