The End…Of Summer


I dislike Summer. I don’t like being hot, I can’t wear my hoodies and jeans because its over 100 out and so humid even my sweat has sweat. The day’s are long, and it makes it too late to stay up for a dark campfire and still get up at 5 am the next day. Kids are out of school, Teachers are out of school and the line at Hobby Lobby is so long and filled with tired faces and apathetic children that you just want to scream, GO HOME! but you don’t because that’s selfish and rude. So you sit there, sweating in shorts and a Tshirt and dread getting back into your oven on wheels. Really, What is there to like about Summer? But Fall, I could live in Fall for 9 months of the year and spring thunderstorm season for the last 3.

I know, July 23rd is hardly the last day of summer per most people and as my husband pointed out, as per the calendar. But for me, Fall starts August 1st. That’s right, I am “one of those people”.

fall cat

Fall is my favorite time of year! The smells of cinnamon, pumpkin spice and warm flannel make my heart explode with joy. I love the colors, the textures and the tastes Fall brings and I usually have a very hard time waiting for the calendar and weather to co-operate with what I want. Living in the central state of the U.S.A, fall doesn’t last long as far as the weather goes. August is still summer, and one of our hottest months, but it doesn’t stop me from turning my house into an Autumn paradise. Once September hits, the leaves are usually still green, the grass is tanned and dead from the 114 degree heat in August, and the stores are filled with the beginning Fall line of home goods and fashion, but it still wont feel like autumn until mid October. By then, November will be just around the corner and it turns winter around Thanksgiving. The bitter cold temps happen over night ant the colors are lost as the leaves die in the wink of an eye.

I know on paper, this sounds like a lot of time, but when you work, or do “Audulting”, you miss a lot of Fall’s simple pleasures. One day you go to work, wishing you could stop to gaze at the turning leaves and smell the autumn air, and three days later you are off  work and its snowing and everything nature around you is brown and dead. I am one of those people who want to travel to the North Eastern coast of the U.S.A just to watch the leaves turn, while wrapped in a flannel blanket, drinking spiced cider around an open campfire. I feel that deprived of Fall here! I could never imagine myself living somewhere like Florida, Arizona or even Texas for that matter where I imagine Fall is maybe a week long, if that.

fall drive

So, with things being the way they are, and I loving my life where it is geographically located at the moment, I have made Fall start August 1st. I wash and set out all the blankets, so they are ready for wrapping up in. I break out every “Fall scent” of candle, wax warmer and wall plug in I can find and make my house smell like that one isle in Hobby Lobby. Decorations slowly start finding their way out of storage bins and onto table tops, door ways and the front porch. Lastly, I brew a tall cup of Mystic Chi Tea, open a book and wrap myself up in blankets and alternate between sipping and reading.


My husband, doesn’t share my enthusiasm for Fall. While he enjoy’s the campfire and warm blankets at night, he dislikes all the smells or tastes, particularly cinnamon and pumpkin. Imagine my dismay when, for the first year we were married, my sadness when he wouldn’t let me bring in cinnamon scented potpourri, or take me to starbucks for Pumpkin spice latte’s and pumpkin scones. During that first year, I made him pumpkin soup for dinner, his reaction was so awful is still tease him to this day. (he tried it, made a face, then placed the bowl on the floor for our late dog Lizzy, who also didn’t try it, leading him to proclaim that even the dog won’t eat it) In his defence, he wasn’t mean about it, just proving a point that pumpkin is meant to be loaded with tannerite and shot at or tossed across fields by trebuchets, instead of eaten. My childhood best friend wasn’t much help either, she is a Christmas nut.

So, alone in my quest to make all things autumn, I continued to decorate and “smell up the place”. That is until I met someone else who shared my insane love of fall. There are many a people out there who say they love fall, and those who may even decorate and dabble in fall things, but there are even fewer people out there who share an obsession with it that boarders a lifetime in a straight jacket, like my own obsession. But I met her! It was our first Fall working together in the same Family practice office. At the time, I had my own desk, and was allowed to decorate to my hearts content as long as it fell within the state and building fire code. I had recently found a new wax scent called maple buttercream, it smelled like a fall breakfast of cinnamon toast and pancakes. Of course I was in love and I felt the stinky medical office needed some Autumn love. So I placed it in my manager approved wax warmer and began to bask in the smells. As I am sure you guessed, not all of my co workers appreciate the smell Fall has to offer us, and were complaining all day. I would be asked to turn it off, or change the smell to a summery smell, after all its August! All day long, except for my new best friend, who loved it so much, she assisted me in making the office more festive. We broke out pumpkin shaped baskets that held tootsie rolls for patients, bought more wax smells that fit our Autumn tates and bought each other pumpkin spice latte’s and ate everything pumpkin flavored. I honestly believe I found my kindred spirit in her. We planned our halloween costumes and exchanged recipes and made sure to buy everything pumpkin spice that was on store shelves just to share with the other. We have created pinterest boards specifically for decoration ideas and future autumn needs. I am pretty sure I am in love with her, either that or I’m delusional from all the cinnamon candles we’ve burned.


So Today, July 23rd, I began to find my Autumn, things, and I even hung up a decoration on the door, because, why does Fall have to start in August when you have a best friend who is willing to make it start in July with you?



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