Summer is in full swing, and its getting really hot out. When I am hot, I don’t find things funny. Matter of fact, I can be quite the grizzly bear when it comes to my attitude when I am hot. So to cool down my husband and I bought some frozen treats to munch on, and lo and behold my humor came back. However I think it was more due to us competing to see who could find the worst frozen joke printed on a wooden stick. Here are a few we have found so far. Share in the comments ones you have found.

Where do you look for kittens in a library? -In the card CAT-olog

Why can an elephant never forget? -because he has a trunk full of memories.

Why did the foot smile? – He was toe happy

What kind of pets does a band have?- Trum-pets

Where does spaghetti go to dance? – The Meat-ball

What is a golf club’s favorite drink? – Tee

What did Zero say to Eight? – Nice belt

How did the phone propose? – He gave her a ring

What do you call a cow with a twitch? – Beef Jerky

What happened to the wind? – It blew away



ALso, I made my own joke when I was a kid, I still laugh at it today,

What is the last thing to go through a lightning bugs mind when it hits your windshield? – A bright idea



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